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Restoring Christianity_2nd cover small.jpg
Read Restored Christianity

to gain a fresh perspective on the Christian faith

by returning to its origins!

Restored Christianity challenges readers, believers and nonbelievers alike, to look deeper into the foundations of the Christian faith in order to evaluate commonly held present-day beliefs in light of the earliest known understanding of Christianity's original premises, toward the goal of restoring Christianity to its roots.  The book is divided into topics crucial to understanding Christian beliefs, including how we read the Bible, how we perceive God, the application of logic and reason, the meaning of faith, suffering, sovereignty, freedom, reliance on God, personal transformation, the purpose of life, and the meaning of prayer.  Each topic is addressed from the perspective of current beliefs, followed by an historical analysis of the earliest known writings of Christianity, concluding with an application of the historical perspective to restore beliefs to their origins.  

Now available on AMAZON.com: the Second Edition, including 200 pages of new material - additions to each chapter, and a new chapter exclusively on prayer!  Order your copy today!